Due to the change of dates, we now have two Masterclass tickets available.


VIP PLUS Passes to be purchased here.


All other show tickets must now be purchased at from August 15th

VIP PLUS  Pass includes:

Eleven cabaret shows, a meet-and-greet with our star performer, and our ever-popular Sunday Brunch (lunch included) show 'Top of the World'.  $200

Masterclass Passes and Workshop: 

The Masterclass passes are at an all-in price for both the Masterclasses and five workshops and Sunday Brunch. Students hoping to sing at the Sunday Brunch must attend both Celebrity Masterclasses.   

$375 value, ten only available at the special price of $200, first come, first served.

Monitor Passes.

Monitor passes are available for both the Celebrity Masterclasses at $50 each

Monitors do not get to sing at the Sunday Brunch.

There is no interaction, involvement nor questioning of the instructors permitted by Monitors.                                                               

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  • Purchase your VIP PLUS Pass here. Some events will sell out as they did last year.