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Event Director and Producer: Patricia Fitzpatrick 

Very much the moving light behind the resurrection and development of Cabaretfest, Patricia has many years in the music and cabaret industry. She also has a deep interest and history in Provincetown, having served as Tourism Director here for seven years and was instrumental in launching numerous revenue generating ideas within the town.

Her heart is still truly with Provincetown and it’s future successes.

James Locke

Partner in Ambassador Productions and Co-Producer of Cabaret Festival. A Cape Cod wash-ashore,  he now lives on the Cape and was involved with the resurrection of the Cabaret Festival alongside Patricia Fitzpatrick.

James takes photographs, makes documentary videos, and occasionally writes articles for magazines and a blog page.

Ernie Gallerani Front of House Manager 

This year we will be welcoming back Stage Manager Ernie Gallerani who will work with the staff at all the venues and our volunteers to ensure that every cabaret event is organized, on time, has ticket takers, and an MC.

We are thrilled to welcome Ernie back as a member of our growing team!

Should you feel inclined to help out at the Festival as a volunteer, Ernie would like to hear from you on 

Val Schillawski

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Patricia:    Cell: 508 776 1340

James:     Cell: 774 212 1546