Latest News

We are pleased to announce that our new home is 

The Pilgrim House, 336 Commercial Street, Provincetown,  The historic Pilgrim House is noted for it's exquisite meals and superb lodgings.  See you there!

Tickets for Pilgrim House shows available direct from Pilgrim House,  available now.

Art House show tickets from The Provincetown Art House Theater,  from 15th March  otherwise   purchase your VIP PLUS pass on our Tickets Page


Our local Ptown radio station, WOMR, with world-wide audiences, interviewed Patricia Fitzpatrick, Producer of Cabaret Festival in Provincetown, and  sent a link to the recording made at that interview. Click here to find out what Ira Wood and Patricia Fitzpatrick said about Cabaret!

It gives us great pleasure to announce two  up coming events - see below!


                         We are very pleased to announce that one of our                                               stars has been nominated for the prestigious MAC                                             award in the Best Male Vocalist category for the                                                 forth time!




               Jeff just won the MAC Best Male Vocalist Award 2018!

Nicolas King

We are more than pleased to announce that our headliner for 2019 is the fabulous  Nicolas King, out of New York City! Starting his performance career at the age of four, King  went on to tour the country with the legendary Liza Minnelli, at the age of 11, for the next ten years  King was her opening act!

He's been busy pretty much ever since. 

More on the 'Stars' page.

Nicolas King with Liza Minnelli

Sharon McNight.

Sharon McNight has graciously accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award 2019.

Go to 'Lifetime Achievement Award' on 'Events' page for details.

Ambassodor Productions is pleased to welcome back some old friends from previous Festivals: 

We welcome back the inimitable Warren Schein. We would also like to welcome back an old friend from previous CabFests,  and a regular, annual supporter, Jim Keating President of Boston Area Cabaret Association ((BACA)

Event Tickets:

Tickets will be available from three different locations:

The Pilgrim House for all events listed there; available from 15th February.

The Provincetown Art House Theater for events listed there

and, finally, this Website for Masterclass, Workshop and VIP PLUS passes.

Masterclasses & Workshops:  We are pleased to announce one Master Classes on Wednesday, and one Performance Workshop on Thursday and two  on Friday. Still working on the detail, watch this space.......

Friday -

A series of cabaret shows at different venues, some names familiar, some new. Shows commence at 3:00 PM. More details found under "Events' above.

Saturday -

Starts with an informal Q & A session, two shows, then comes the Lifetime Achievement Award presentation to Sharon McNight at the Pilgrim House followed by the last two shows of the day at the Provincetown Art House Theater.

Sunday -

Is Brunch Day at which Master Class students get the opportunity to perform for other performers, friends and relatives. Our Guest star, Jeffery Wright will perform also, supported by our old friends, the  Brian Patton Trio, MC'd by John O'Neil.

Lifetime Achievement Award Past Recipients:

It has been our extreme pleasure to honor, for their contribution to Cabaret the following:






     Bobbie  Wetherbee

                                                  Marilyn Maye