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Ambassador Productions has pleasure in announcing Marilyn Maye will be in town this coming Labor Day weekend and will be hosting run a one-on-one (90 minutes) class and a group session later. The one-on-one sessions will cost $400 and the group session (minimum of four persons to run) $200 per person. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with master coach Marilyn Maye.

Ambassador Productions will host a small social distancing class at Gabrieels Guest House, Provincetown from noon to 4:00 PM. Act now! 


Masterclass Pass.

Two Masterclass Passes have become available recently. We have the best in the way of class instructors, so grab this opportunity to snap up a vacancy in two Masterclasses and three workshops.

Go to the Tickets page to secure your place.

Provincetown CabaretFest 2020 re: COVID 19 Update.  Plan D ...or perhaps Plan E!!

You will, by now, be aware of the never-ending battle Ambassador Productions has been waging with the ramifications of Corvid 19. Massachusetts numbers are on the upswing and taking into consideration the health and well-being of all,  we feel we must revise our plans and introduce Plan D - we are re-scheduling the entire event during the period September 30th - October 4th,2020.

Should circumstances demand, we will, of course, observe the required social distancing, we will be complying with the Governor's recently revised opening-up plans, which takes us to Plan E and then to plan F.

As previously stated we will honor the existing tickets sold for CabaretFest 2020. Those who have purchased event tickets, Master Class or VIP Passes and  wish a refund, will receive a check.*  Refunds will be made, by request, until May 6, 2020. After May 6, full credits will be issued for future events, shows, and classes (2021). Please make refund requests, via email,, and include your home address.

Please note, the date for refunds has long passed. As stated above, credit will be given for next year's CabaretFestival.

Meanwhile, continue to stay healthy. Keep singing. Stay in touch. Be well, my friends!

Patricia Fitzpatrick & James Locke

  • * Refunds will be made by check (minus credit card fees applied to your transaction by Pay Pal or credit card companies. Usually 2.9/3.2 %). 

Latest News in Cabaret - NYC MAC Awards 2019

Ambassador Productions is committed to bringing the very best performers to Provincetown CabaretFest for your pleasure. We are thrilled that so many of our performers are Award Winners at the 2019 MAC Awards ceremony.

Held recently, 30th March, in NYC, however, the pandemic dictated that the awards were live-streamed from the Brick Room at Don’t Tell Mama’s and hosted by MAC President, Lennie Watts.

We are delighted to announce that one of our newest members to our line up at Provincetown CabaretFest 2020 is Micahel McAssey for his contribution to Piano Bar Live! Michael will be our Musical Director for the CabaretFest and also work with our Master Class coaches; Angela Bacari and John O'Neil. We welcome Michael to his first Provincetown CabaretFest! 

 Finally,  our previous headliners, Jeff Harnar and Alex Rybeck also won MAC Awards this year.

 The 2020 Provincetown

CabaretFest's  Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient       

Sidney Myer










Sid, as he is known to us all, has devoted his life to supporting the arts. He has been the Cabaret Booking Manager for almost four decades at Don’t Tell  Mama's, Rose's Turnand Panache. He, personally, has entertained from New York to San Francisco to  London.

Myer is a recipient of numerous industry awards: MAC, Broadway World, Backstage Bistro, Mabel Mercer Foundation's Cabaret Classic & Paula Laurence Awards. Now, to our great delight, Provincetown CabaretFest Lifetime Achievement Award 2020.


Artists he has presented have gone on to careers on Broadway, Television, motion pictures; to become the "Star Search $100,000 Grand Prize Winner", the highest jackpot winner in Lotto history, receive multiple Emmy's, Grammy's, Tony’s, Oscars and a Pulitzer Prize.

In 2009, Myer was featured above the fold in the cover story of the Sunday New York Times Arts & Leisure Section with the Headline: “Saviors Of The American Songbook"


Myer has appeared as a featured actor in multiple productions, his film experience includes 20th Century Fox’s “Headin’ For Broadway”Not to leave television unexplored, Myer has also appeared in: Seasons 1 & 2 of the 5 Time Emmy Award-Winning "After Forever" on Amazon Prime, celebrity Interviewer on Cable’s “Broadway Beat” & “Cabaret Beat” and Nancy Lamott DVD “I’ll Be Here with You”.


He has appeared in commercials for RCA Victor and New York Lotto. Has been a Radio Regular on “The Joey Reynolds Show”.  DVD: “Sidney Myer:  Live at The Beechman.”

Master Class Pass: 

The Father Jeff Hamblin, MD Scholarship will sponsor three candidates again this year to the Master Class! Candidates are Brian Calhoon, Valerie "Cookie" Shillawski, and Paul Conway.

Coaches include Angela Bacari  (Liza Minnelli's voice coach), John O'Neil, Sidney Myer, Warren Schein, and Patricia Fitzpatrick. You get all of these coaches for the one price of $200.

Attendance at the two Performance Master Classes will guarantee your performance at the Friday Night Front Porch Concert at the White Wind Inn

 All of the Master Classes SOLD OUT in 2020. However, due to a cancellation, they is still one space available. Go to the Tickets page to reserve your space today!

Lifetime Achievement Award Past Recipients

Since 2015, it has been our extreme pleasure to honor these extraordinary performers  to receive the     

Provincetown CabaretFest Lifetime Achievement Award.