Thursday, October 1st 

Gabriels's Guesthouse. 12:00 - 5:00 PM


Celebrity Masterclass.

A Masterclass by the most sought-after vocal

and performance coach in the Boston area.

Working with O'Neil will give your song that

finishing touch!

John O'Neil with 

Festival Musical  Director: Michael McAssey








 Due to the Covid-19  pandemic, no monitoring of the Master Classes can be permitted. Classes are small, with lots of social distancing. Each candidate will work with their coach alone, for everyone's safety


MASKS  are mandatory, except when singing.

7:00 PM at Gabriels Guest House Common Room

“Let's All Go To The Movies”

Starring - John O'Neil.

Musical Director - Michael McAssey

O’Neil will take us on a musical, movie journey.

Sing along, eat popcorn, drink a soda or ‘adult beverage’, and settle in for the trip down memory lane.

Our outdoor, Patio Party offers live music, and an opportunity to enjoy the mega talents of our festival founder John O’Neil.

O’Neil has been a Boston cabaret star for several decades and is a booking agent for Boston’s iconic Club Café.

A not to be missed show!  Come early. Space limited.


Masks and social distancing are mandatory.