The Shop

You want it!  You need it!  We've got it!

This year, we are introducing a new fund-raising venture, The Shop,  wherein we will, initially, be selling 'bling' at wholesale prices, or marginally above.

The plan is not to engage in time-consuming packing and posting, thus increasing costs, but for a market trial, we are proposing taking orders, by email, holding the ordered goods over until the CabaretFest and delivering along with tickets, badges etc.


Alternatively, we will be displaying a selection, of probably 100 different items at the Festival.

We currently have available, as samples, the 13 items illustrated below.  Just quote the item number and we will bag it, and deliver it as bove.

Prices will be :

1 item - $15            2 items $25         3 items $30

Call us or email - first come first served.

Click once for larger image.