Master Coaches, Musical Directors & Stars of 'Hooray for Hollywood'  June 21-26, 2022

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Sidney Myer
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Angela Bacari
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.Michael McAssey
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Tracy Stark
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Patricia Fitzpatrick
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Roderick Ferguson

Warren Schein

Steve Ross

Hawkins Featuring 24,2022
9:00 - 11:00 PM

Academy Awards Gala Evening for Best Song 
           "Thanks for the Memory"
  Musical Director   Michael McAssey
  M.C's. Warren Schein & Johnathan Hawkins 
Featuring Oscar winning songs performed byBroadway    stars, Award winning performers and twenty cabaret     performers from Bermuda, Boston, Provincetown and NYC.

                                     $45.00 or a VIP Pass
                   Tickets available on our Tickets page


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   Jim Keating

Cathy Rollins

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Jo Brisbane 
Chris Brooke
Chriss Brookes.Photo by Beverly Beckham
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Bob DiCicco
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Robb Barnard
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Ed Nardell
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Richard White 

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Brian De Lorenzo

Janet Stanton
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Jeanne Crowley
Catherine Rollins