Introducing the Variety Show performers of CabaretFest 2019,

MC'd by Patricia Fitzpatrick.

The most popular show of the festival, your opportunity to all the performers in one place!

See our stars;

Nicolas King, Michael & Mardie Millit, Richard White,Jeff Macauley, Warren Schein, and introducing Marieann Meringolo, and Special Guest Star Jeffrey Wright

Order your tickets at the Pilgrim House, or Provincetown Art House Theater

Michael & Mardie Millit

Nicolas King

Marieann Meringolo

Jeff Macauley

Warren Shein

Patricia Fitzpatrick

Richard White

Sharon McNight

Go to Events, "An Evening with Nicolas King" Saturday, June 1, 2019 The Art House Theater

Go to Events, Friday, May 31 "Swinging Through the 60's" Pilgrim House

Michael & Mardie's show.

Go to Events, " Mr. Lucky". Friday- May 31, for Jeff's show at Pilgrim House.

Go to Events, Saturday,June 1, for Marieann's show at Pilgrim House 

Go to Events, Friday , May 31 " Gone, But Not Forgotten" for Sharon's show

Go to Events, Saturday, for Patricia's show 

Go to Events, Saturday June 1, for Warren's show The Art House Theater

Go to Events, Thursday,May 30 Pilgrim House "Broadway Baby, All Grown Up?

Jeffery Wright

Carol O'Shaughnessy

John O'Neil

Pamela Enders

Shelley Taylor-Boyd

   Jim Keating

John O'Neil

 John Spinks

Richard White 

Joe Della Penna  

 Vivienne LaBarbera

Diane Ellis

Lisa Johnson

John DeMarco

Pamela Enders

Jo Hull Brisbane

Janet Stanton

Lisa Jason

Gail Wright

Scott Jordan

John Thomas

Kenny Lonergan

  Brian DeLorenzo.