Welcome to Cabaret Festival 2019!


Once again Ambassador Productions brings the East Coast's biggest cabaret festival to Provincetown, an historic fishing village, now a town known for it's arts, artisans, musicians and thoroughly friendly atmosphere .

Ambassador Productions has always been supported by the Town of Provincetown and would like to acknowledge the hotels and local  businesses, without their help, the Cabaret Festival would never be produced. 

Cast of our first CabaretFest 2015

Cast of CabaretFest 2016

Cast of CabaretFest 2017

Cast of CabaretFest 2018

Last year, 2018, Ambassador Productions, with over 30 performers and headliners participating, produced  the largest cabaret festival in New England. 

This coming year, Provincetown's 19th Annual Cabaret Festival, promises to be even bigger and better with an eclectic mix of performers, Masterclasses Performance Workshops, a Q & A and numerous solo shows around the town!

Groovin' to the Memories of the 60's'

Following the festival's progression by decade, starting with the 20's, 2019 sees CabaretFest celebrating The Memories of the 60's, think JFK and Vietnam, The Jersey Boys, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Mamas & Papas and so on. 

This year the festival will bring over 30 top Cabaret performers from Palm Springs, Boston, St Louis, Kansas City, Hollywood and New York City to Provincetown.

We have cabaret performance workshops, masterclasses,11 cabaret shows, four private parties, an Award Luncheon, Q&A Session and a finale show where masterclass students get an opportunity to perform before their peers, relatives and the press.

CabaretFest  2019 is, once more, all about education!

Last year, our major sponsor Father Jeffery Hamblin, MD, Scholarship Program, sponsored three students. This year the Father Jeffery Hamblin Sponsorship program will be sponsoring a further five students!

Masterclasses/Performance Workshops

The Mission Statement of the Provincetown CabaretFest is to entertain, train, educate and coach those interested in preserving the art of Cabaret performance.

In keeping with the mission statement, Ambassador Productions has always, through the medium of our Provincetown Cabaret Festivals, sought to bring the art form to a wider audience. 

From the very beginning of the resurrection of Cabaret Festival we worked on an educational program aimed at new-comers, and returnees to the art form, designed to teach and further develop presentation, singing, choice of suitable materials, dress and publicity skills. An additional, very popular and valuable tool is our Question & Answer panel, a session open to all.

Our masterclass and performance workshop instructors are the best. We have been fortunate in that our headliners have offered to host their own masterclasses and workshops during the festival. Our celebrity masterclasses have included Mark Nadler, Steven Ross, the Comstocks and Jeff Harnar with Alex Rybeck. Last year, we were extremely fortunate to secure the expertise of the iconic Marilyn Maye.


We are extremely proud to announce that our masterclass and workshop students have blossomed and gone on to great things in Boston, and NYC, our performers have gone on to the Broadway Stage, London and to the Australian Cabaret Festival.

Masterclass and Performance Workshop Tickets

                  In 2018, some of these classes sold out.

Celebrity Masterclasses limited to ten only!

Book early, go to the tickets page and be an early bird!